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Mad House

Life in a box is better than no life at all.

3 October 1986
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female . 25 . brazilian . big sister . unemployed . tv/movie fanatic . vidder . fangirl . shipper . icon-maker . clip thieves hunter.

My Obsessions
my little brother . vidding . gary oldman . stephen colbert . jon stewart . jon/stephen . hugh laurie . british comedy . ice cream . chocolate . guaraná . my friends . steve carell . television . movies. sherlock holmes . calvin & hobbes . fandoms

this is semi-friends only. personal posts are friends-cut. feel free to friend me, though, and don't be surprised if you're added back. ;)

My Websites
Return to Innocence - hp and lotr videos
Perfect Harmony - videos of all other fandoms

My Rules
x DO NOT take clips from my videos to use on your own.
x DO NOT hotlink my graphics and/or icons.
x PLEASE credit me
x PLEASE comment if you friend me telling me how you found me, just so I know where you came from. ;)

My Credits
x layout made by milou_veronica
x sherlock header made by ME
x sherlock mood theme made by un_endlich
x jon/stephen mood theme made by me
My TV Shows
house . farscape . lost . doctor who . stargate sg-1 . stargate atlantis . the office (us) . blackadder . qi . the daily show . the colbert report . psych . whose line is it anyway? . robin hood (bbc) . pushing daisies . wonderfalls . dexter . arrested development . battlestar galactica . how i met your mother . the big bang theory . legend of the seeker . merlin . torchwood . lie to me . glee . community . modern family . supernatural . being human . fringe . avatar: the last airbender . star trek . sherlock . castle

My (main) 'Ships
wilson/cameron . john/aeryn . jack/kate . juliet/sawyer . rose/the doctor . vala/daniel . jack/sam . sam/cam . weir/sheppard . jim/pam . holly/michael . robin/marian . ned/chuck . lee/kara . sam/kara . robin/barney . lily/marshall . kahlan/richard . gwen/arthur . merlin/morgana . jack/ianto . peter/olivia . castle/beckett

My Friend-Ships
house/wilson . john/d'argo . john/harvey . jack/daniel . sheppard/mckay . mckay/beckett . jim/michael . robin/much . holmes/watson . deb/dexter . ted/barney/marshall . lily/robin . arthur/merlin . gwen/morgana . merlin/gwen . kirk/spock . kirk/bones . john/sherlock
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arrested development, arthur/gwen, asterix, bad movies, barney/robin, battlestar galactica, blackadder, brazil, calvin and hobbes, craig ferguson, daniel/vala, david mitchell, dexter, disney, doctor who, doctor/rose, drawing, dvds, editing, ellen degeneres, erik/charles, faramir/eowyn, farscape, finding nemo, fringe, frodo/sam, gary oldman, greek mythology, guarana, harry potter, holmes/watson, house, house/wilson, hugh laurie, improvavel, jack shephard/allison cameron, jack/ianto, jim/pam, john/aeryn, jon stewart, jon/stephen, kirk/spock, lee pace, legend of the seeker, lily/marshall, little miss sunshine, lord of the rings, lost, ludwig van beethoven, mel brooks, merlin, michael/holly, modern family, monkey island, monty python, movies, music videos, nagron, ned/chuck, nine/rose, obi-wan kenobi, obi-wan/padme, penguins, pete and pete, peter/olivia, pooky, pushing daisies, qi, rafael nadal, reading, richard/kahlan, robert sean leonard, robin hood, robin/marian, roger federer, ron/hermione, rosencrantz and guildenstern, samwise gamgee, sci-fi, shakespeare, sheldon/penny, sheppard/weir, sherlock holmes, sirius black, sleeping, spartacus, star trek, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stephen colbert, stephen fry, steve carell, ten/rose, the big bang theory, the emperor's new groove, the legend of korra, the lion king, the marauders, the office, the prisoner of azkaban, the sims, tintin, troll 2, vidding, vids, volleyball, whose line, wilson/cameron, x-men: first class, young frankenstein