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[VID] Tenth Doctor: The Musical

I have officially gone insane. Seriously, what the hell came over me? Come on, 19 songs! 19 SONGS!!!!!!
What the hell, Pooky? 19 SONGS?!?! And that's because I dropped some others...
I... wha... GUH!
*ahem* Yeah, that's pretty much what's going on inside my head right now.

Anyway, about the vid... Well... Where do I start?

I'm pretty sure seduff's video Don't Slow Down was an inspiration for this (although, obviously, it's nowhere NEAR as good as hers... which you should definitely watch right now, if you haven't already, 'cause it's brilliant!). Her vid, plus the fact that I'd been thinking of making a "multiple-songs vid" for some time planted the seeds inside my head.
But they were just ideas, I still didn't have the inspiration to go ahead and do it.

The actual inspiration came when I was going through the songs on my computer, trying to think of a new vid to make. First, I came across "Come sail away" by Styx - which has always been a song I wanted to use for Doctor Who - then I kept finding others that could work. The song I picked for Jack was definitely the one that started the vid, though, because I loved the idea of using it for him. His bit was also the first one I edited out of the whole thing (followed by the "Time after time" bit for Ten and Rose).

Once that was done, I decided to use "Come sail away" and "All by myself" as sort of "recurring songs" in the vid, because they dealt with themes that are always present in the series (the Doc with a companion, but then alone, then with a companion, and then alone again). It felt nice to have some sort of "thread" to follow with "Come sail away". At least that way the whole thing isn't THAT random. Hopefully.

Initially, I wasn't going to add anyone watching the TV, it would be like the viewer was flipping through the channels, watching the various stages of Ten's life... But then I came across that scene with Nine and thought it would be nice to have someone reacting to the things that happen onscreen.
However, adding Nine only gave me more problems to think about because I now needed some sort of ending for his "B plot" as well.
It wasn't until I was about half-way through, and thinking about getting rid of Nine altogether, that I had an idea that wrapped up both the vid and Nine's plot the way I wanted.

((OH and that's my new personal canon, by the way: when the Doc regenerates, his older self isn't gone, it just goes home and watches his current self on the TV))

I guess what I'm trying to say is...
I've been working on it for such a long time and I've gone all the way from thinking it's brilliant to thinking it's crap, I would love to have some opinion on it. Although, 7 minutes is a bit too much for a vid, so I'll understand if you don't. :)

Song(s): [full list below]
Fandom: Doctor Who
Category: I've absolutely no idea.
Spoilers Through: All of the Tenth Doctor era, plus blink-and-you'll-miss-it bits of The Eleventh Hour and Classic Who.
Characters: Tenth Doctor and pretty much everyone else.
*WARNING! Strong language*

Summary: The Tenth Doctor Era, told through the power of interpretive dance music!
Length: 6:58

AN: Thank you SO MUCH to ana_br and delennbr for being lovely betas and cheering me on with this thing (also, thanks to Carol for suggesting the song for "Blink" *wink wink*). It surely helped to know you were looking forward to it so much! Hopefully, it's up to your expectations.
Also, thank you to the always wonderful seduff for the help with the TV effects.
(a half decent TV static sound effect is NOT EASY TO FIND, PEOPLE!)

AN 2: I had not realized today is Mr. David Tennant's birthday! I couldn't ask for a better date to post this vid, huh? And I swear this wasn't planned in any way!

AN 3: I FORGOT TO THANK ageless_aislynn! How could I forget that??? She pretty much left me the perfect comment at the perfect time. She knows what I mean by that. ;) But lets just say she knocked some sense into me when I most needed it. THANKS, AIS!!!!! ♥

"Come sail away" by Styx
"Kung Fu fighting" by Carl Douglas
"Girls just wanna have fun" by Cyndi Lauper
"My humps" by the Black Eyed Peas
"It's the end of the world as we know it" by R.E.M.
"All by myself" by Air Supply Eric Carmen (OOPS! *blush*)
"Bohemian rhapsody" by Queen
"Fuck you" by Lily Allen
"Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba
"Sympathy for the devil" by the Rolling Stones
"Lady in red" by Chris DeBurgh
"No rain" by Blind Melon
"Time after time" by Cyndi Lauper
"I think I'm a clone now" by Weird Al Yankovic
"Without me" by Eminem
"How far we've come" by Matchbox 20
"Changes" by Butterfly Boucher feat. David Bowie

"Vogue" by Madonna
and "Never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley

DOWNLOAD (WMV, 118 MB) [right-click, "save as"]

HOLY FRELL! You've no idea how glad I am that I finished this! I stopped myself from making any other vids while editing this one, so now I can finally start new profects!
I'm pretty much drained at the moment, though, so I've no idea when I'll actually finish another one. For the sake of my sanity, I just hope it's a regular, one-song, under-5-minutes vid. (But of course, as soon as I reached the end of this vid, I had another absolutely crazy idea. WHY MAKE IT EASY FOR ME, EH, POOKEH?????)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll fall asleep on my desk, thank you very muc-----zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Tags: pooky, tv: doctor who, vids

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